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Welcome to the Toledo Chaine Website

Welcome to the Bailliage de Toledo of the Chaine des Rotisseurs! The Chaine is an international dining organization with more than 130 chapters in the U.S., and is the oldest and most prestigious gastronomic association in the world.  We are devoted to preserving the camaraderie and pleasures of the table, with membership open to both culinary professionals and non-professionals who share a passion for fine dining and wine.  Membership provides an opportunity to make life-long friends with people who equal your enthusiasm in describing that wonderful meal you had in Paris or the amazing market you visited in Barcelona!

We enjoy several fine dining events each year, from formal events in area restaurants to "pique-niques" along the Maumee River.  We are also eager to tour and learn about local food suppliers, growers, and culinary schools in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and we support the scholarship activities of the non-profit Chaine for students in culinary programs. Please contact any of our Officers for more information; we extend a sincere invitation to you to join us at our events.

Vive la Chaine!
Ann Sanford, Bailli


The Toledo Bailliage was established in 1984, with the core group originating from a devoted group of wine aficionados affiliated with the Toledo Club, one of the outstanding grand traditional city clubs in the nation.  This group, the Toledo Club Wine committee, was appointed in 1980, and its ten members met regularly.  Within a few years, formal dinners included spouses and guests.  Members attending a black tie dinner at the Toledo Club saw Manager William Diehl, formerly of the Fort Worth Bailliage, wearing an attractive and mystifying ribbon with a medallion attached. In explaining the significance of the ribbon and medallion, Mr. Diehl introduced the Chaine des Rotisseurs to Toledo.  His enthusiasm became the impetus for the founding of the Toledo Bailliage.

At the Bailliage's first event, twenty-four members were inducted, including the original members of the wine committee.  Appointed officers included Bailli William Diehl, Vice Chancelier-Argentier John Burson, and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Joseph Roshe.  In 1986, membership was capped at fifty.  Also in 1986, Dennis LeGolvan became Bailli, followed by Bailli John Burson in 1994, and Ann Sanford in 2008.

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